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the history of youth and community work study conference

6th - 8th March 2009, Ushaw College, Durham UK

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Like earlier gatherings this will include a mix of plenary sessions, workshops and 'surprise' events.


Amongst the plenary speakers will be Gabriel Eichsteller on the history of social pedagogy and Catriona Kelly (Oxford University), author of two major books on the Pioneers and growing up in Soviet Russia.


There will be a number of workshops on the Albemarle Report published fifty years ago and at least one to mark the fortieth anniversary of the launch of the Community Development Programme.

At the heart of each conference are the workshops. Usually numbering around 20. The breadth is always impressive covering an enormous range of topics linked to the history of youth work, adult education and community work. As before some will focus on the historical development of practice in countries outside the UK. A feature of this conference is that around half those attending deliver a workshop. This is a relaxed gathering of enthusiasts keen to talk to and learn from each other. Amongst those already promised are workshops – youth work as social medicine revisited; on the anarchism and informal education; Robert Owen and the origins of the community school and community work; youth work with girls and young women; and the history of the Community Development Projects.

Download conference leaflet and booking form

The history of youth and community work study conference is sponsored by Youth and Policy.