Serious and organised crime toolkit

This toolkit was developed by the Home Office, in partnership with the police and the voluntary sector, to provide information for practitioners working with young people to help them:

  • understand why young people get involved in serious and organised crime
  • understand how organised criminals operate
  • spot risks and identify when young people need support
  • help young people at risk to access the support they need

The toolkit can be used as the basis for interactive sessions with young people, aged 11-18.

Download the overview and discussion guide to run interactive sessions (pdf) (contains strong language). Click for a version with the strong language removed.


Introduction to Serious and Organised Crime

A short video for practitioners outlining what serious and organised crime is.


Consequences. Still from the Seriously Organised Crime Toolkit video. Crown Copyright 2015. Note: Images are not reusable under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0.


A short, hard-hitting film (‘Consequences’) for use with young people aged between 11 and 18 years old.

Original version (contains strong language)

Play all (contains strong language)

Play part one (contains strong language)

Play part two (contains strong language)

Play part three (contains strong language)

Version with strong language removed

Play all (strong language removed)

Play part one (strong language removed)

Play part two (strong language removed)

Play part three (strong language removed)

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