Learning through outdoor experience. A guide for schools and youth groups

Learning through outdoor experience

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Experiencing the outdoors can be a powerful stimulus for learning. Being deep in a forest, feeling alone on a hillside or just sharing a cup of tea around a fire can set us on a path that changes the way we think about ourselves, our relationships and way we live our lives.

These pages are a compilation of practical insight and advice on the educational potential of the outdoor experience – and what we can do to deepen learning and support change.

Making the guide

Learning through outdoor experience was written by a team of people involved in outdoor learning and experience. They are part of a network of workers and agencies linked to the Rank Foundation (yarn) in the UK. As well as drawing on their own experience and expertise they were also helped by responses and contributions by more than 50 other people in the network.

The contents

Our guide follows a simple structure, with sections covering: before; during; and after. Each stage is broken down into its key elements – 28 in all. Each element includes:

  • an explanation of its importance;
  • stories and experiences from the field;
  • sample activities designed to engage young people in the process;
  • a summary of key points to remember.

The writers

Alan Rogers and Mark K. Smith (editors)

Contributions from Amanda Davies, Chris Dunning, Charlie Harris, David Hassard, Chris Saunders, Danielle Sharp, Jenny Tibbles, Mark Williams and Kai Wooder.

Acknowledgement: The opening image is from Learning through outdoor experience – and was provided by Logic Cafe – all rights reserved.

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