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Emeline Pethwich Lawrence
Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
Wikimedia Commons – no known licencing restrictions we specialize in the theory and practice of informal education, social pedagogy, lifelong learning, social action, and community learning and development.


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Marie Paneth – Branch Street, The Windemere Children, art and pedagogy. Paneth was a talented painter, art therapist and pedagogue. Her book, Branch Street (1944) is a classic exploration of community-based work with children during the Second World War – and the healing use she made of art both with The Windemere Children (2020) and in later practice was pioneering. In this piece, we explore her work – mostly in the 1940s – and continuing relevance.

Working girls’ clubs. New in the archives – Emmeline Pethick (1898) reflects on early, feminist, and highly innovative work with girls and young women. Emmeline Pethick was later to be one of the central organizers of the Women’s Social and Political Union.

Settlements and education. New in the archives – Will Reason’s overview of educational provision in early university and social settlements (1898).

Animate, care, educate. The core processes of social pedagogy and informal education. Pedagogy can be viewed as a process of accompanying people and bringing flourishing and relationship to life (animation); caring for, and about, people (caring); and drawing out learning (education). Here we explore these core processes.

Haltung, pedagogy and informal education: Within informal education and social pedagogy, the character and integrity of practitioners is seen as central to the processes of working with others. Here we explore how the German notion of ‘haltung’ draws together key elements around this pivotal concern for pedagogues and informal educators.

Youth sports and non-formal education: Social justice, or social control?: In this piece, Ioannis Costas Batlle explores youth sport as non-formal education and its relationship to neoliberalism, social justice and social control.


Photo by Annie Spratt on UnsplashPhoto by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Friendship and education: In this set of articles we examine some key questions surrounding the theory and experience of friendship – and the significance for education and educators.


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