We try to create clean and uncluttered pages that work well on phones, tablets and computers. Happily, we do not carry advertisements, nor do we need click-throughs, nor to make money from ‘digital exhaust’. Most users come straight from search engines (and probably return there). We just focus on content.


Many of the images we use are sourced from Flickr and Wikimedia They come with Creative Commons licenses. We also make extensive use of Unsplash material and public domain content from Wikipedia and larger public institutions.


For the main body text we use Lora. It is easy on the eye for longer paragraphs, not too heavy, and optimized for screen use. Designed by Cyreal, it has an Open Font License.

Headings are all Open Sans. This humanist sans serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson has become, rightly, very popular with web designers. Described as having a ‘friendly’ appearance, it has good legibility and goes nicely with Lora. Like the other fonts, it has an Open Font License.

Our logo uses Stardos Stencil. This display font was designed by Vernon Adams.


Like many other WordPress users, we employ ‘Divi’ from Elegant Designs as our website building framework. For infed.org we do not have to dive too deeply under the hood – but we have used some of it’s more powerful design features elsewhere.

Acknowledgement: Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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