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Pierre Bourdieu on education: Habitus, capital, and field. Reproduction in the practice of education. Bourdieu’s exploration of how the social order is reproduced, and inequality persists across generations, is more pertinent than ever. We examine some key lessons for educators and pedagogues.

Dealing with the ‘new normal’. Creating places of sanctuary, community and hope. We explore how educators, pedagogues and practitioners work to create the conditions for education, learning and change in the context of the COVID-19 ‘new normal’.

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Settlements and education. New in the archives – Will Reason’s overview of educational provision in early university and social settlements (1898).

Henrietta Barnett and Samuel BarnettHenrietta Barnett and Samuel Barnett

Henrietta O. Barnett – What has the Charity Organisation Society to do with social reform? New in the archives. “Might not—may not charitable effort be organised to remove some of the social conditions which stand as barriers to prevent, or anyhow make it painfully difficult for … people to live the highest, fullest, richest life?”

Samuel A. Barnett – Practictable socialism.  New in the archives. “Facing, then, the whole position, we see that among the majority of Englishmen life is poor; that among the few life is made rich. The thoughts stored in books, the beauty rescued from nature and preserved in pictures, the intercourse made possible by means of steam loco­motion, stir powers in the few which lie asleep in the many. If it be true, as the poet says, that men live by admiration,’ it is the few who live, for it is they who know that which is worth admiration”.

Acknowledgements: The image of Henrietta Barnett and Samuel Barnett was sourced from Wikipedia and marked as being in the public domain.